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  • Brigid ‘Whistleblower” McGowan gets things started with a blast on the whistle from Skillman Ave and a welcome from hosts, St. Pat’s For All founder and Co-Chair Brendan Fay and Co- Chair Kathleen Walsh D’Arcy.


  • Le Chéile: A special dance collaboration between Catherine Young Dance Company, Niall O Leary School Of Irish Dance with music teacher Colin Harte and  students  from the High School of Language and innovation in the Bronx. The piece takes the immigration and hospitality in Ireland and America as its theme


  • Performance by Honor Molloy

  • Renowned Mick Moloney leads a few tunes with Liz Hanley, Athena Tergis and Brian Fleming


  • A transatlantic reading of  The Cure at Troy by Seamus Heaney - Poem loved by President Biden by Youth from Drogheda, Co. Louth and the Shannon Gaels in New York

  • New York traditional Irish music scene Tony De Marco plays with Cillian Vallely of Lunasa at the 11st St Bar in New York

  • David Amram composer, musican and writer and one of the last remaining leading figures of the Beat Generation gives his own unique musical and literary take of St. Pat’s For All in conversation with Brian Fleming from Co Clare.

  • Messages from Council Member Danny Dromm and Irish Consul General Ciaran Madden

  • Ace Greenwood and Adrian John from the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations, in a tradition of sharing between their nations and Ireland that goes back to the famine of 1847 send a musical greeting for St Pat’s For All 2021

  • Dave Barckow and Louise Barkow of the Diddly Idols, regulars at St. Pat’s For All Parade performs from their New York home

  • Sheila Brosnan shows a trailer from her upcoming documentary on the St Pats For All Parade

  • Marie and Saoirse De Mott Grady play a set of tunes in tribute to their Aunt Clare Grady and fellow co- defendants of the Kingsbay Ploughshares 7

  • “Remembering Tarlach”, world premiere of short film tribute to Tarlach MacNiallais, LGBT and disability right’s activist and SPFA committee member who died this year from Covid.

  •  Archival footage of  Malachy McCourt onstage at the Irish Arts Center stage leading the SPFA anthem ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’


  • Photographer and videographer Ray Hegarty films the SAOL Sisters in their own words by famous sites and streets of Dublin. They offer reflections by women on recovering from addiction with the help of imagination and creativity


  • Niall O’Leary and Jake James do an acapella dance special


  • The Patricia MacManus School of Irish dance present a performance by the children of Queens




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